Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Obsessed with...Watermelon (1)

{Watermelon Obsession}

Every year, when I feel like the summer is coming, I become totally obsessed with watermelon. I just think about eating them!
(Those pictures do NOT belong to me)

{Watermelon ice cake}

{Watermelon House}

{Yellow Watermelon}

{Watermelon Lipstick}


{Nike Watermelon}

{Watermelon bus stop in Japan}


  1. i LOVE your blog already!! thx for your lovely comments!! i will definitely be back!! ;)
    xx~ kristina

  2. mmmm i love watermelon... it is THE perfect summer snack. and i totally forgot until just now how amazing watermelon ice cake is and now i'm going to have to find some! those buildings are hilarious. thanks for stopping by my blog, following you <3shelby

  3. Yum! I can't wait for summer to come back around so I can have a nice juicy watermelon!!!

    Thanks for the blog visit! xx

  4. I love all your watermelon inspirations. The lips are cool!
    Thanks for coming by my blog.



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